The Original Tracker Collection (released 18.11.90)
Based on various third party utilities and custom keymaps to start the various trackers held ready-to-run on the disk.

Tracker Collection 2 (released 05.03.91)
This tracker held everything in a compressed state and could build a disk for each of the trackers. This was done using script files so the user had to select one of the options by typing "execute 08" or such. The supporting utilities were on a second disk.

Tracker Collection 2.1 (released 21.07.91)
This should probably have been numbered "3" as the method of getting to the trackers changed yet again. This time all the nasty scripts and everything else that went with them were replaced by a single install program written in 68000 assembly language!

Tracker Collection 2.2 (released 24.12.91)
This was only a minor revision with more programs available, and a few minor bugs corrected in the installer (I think?).

At one point, the source code for the v2.2 installer was lost - it was deleted from a hard drive to gain some free space only to find that the latest version of the source on floppy disk was the earlier v2.1 code.

When the possibility of v2.3/v3 was being considered (June 1994?), the v2.2 installer was put through a disassembler program, the results being compared against the v2.1 source so that the resulting 950+ lines (almost 26K) of source code could be made more readable and useful. However, no more updates were ever made.